Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Most Amazing and Disappointing Race

Review of The Rogue Run Half Marathon

I went into this race with a hope of a PR, though I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it because marathon training was more important.

The swag and finisher's dog-tag

Sadly I forgot my camera so I do not have many pictures of the weekend. The pickup was easy and the swag was great. Tech shirt, kleen kanteen water bottle, and a cute bag.

Race morning we parked at the finish line and were bused to the start. This worked so much better than I thought it would. D.H and I got to the start with plenty of time. It was chilly so we walked around and stayed warm. Coffee, water and goodies were out for the picking. We  I used the restroom roughly 1,000 times and then it was time to go!

Before the Race
The plan was to start around a 10:30 and picking it up around mile three. Ultimate goal was a 9:55 for a 2:10 finish. The race was on a path so the start was fairly crowded and we ran a little faster than planned (It was that or get shoved around).  Good news was our first mile was our slowest. I knew that we were booking it but I didn’t check my watch I decided to run by feel (best and worst decision of the day).  Our first 10 mile splits looked like this-
 Mi 1- 9:33
Mi 2- 9:18
Mi 3- 9:24
Mi 4- 9:24
Mi 5- 9:14
Mi 6- 9:19
Mi 7- 9:24
Mi 8- 9:13
Mi 9- 9:13
Mi 10-8:59

Mile 10 we were at 1:33, I did quick math and realized A. I was going to PR and B. I was too far off of a sub 2:00. The first problem was I was doing my math at a 10:00 minute mile not the 9:00 we were running closer to.  It wasn’t until mile 12.5 that I realized that a sub 2 was within my reach. The second problem was when I recalculated at my 12.5 I didn’t take the .1 into consideration. Here are the rest of the splits-
 Mi 11-9:05
Mi 12-9:06
Mi 13-8:38 
Mi .1-1:15

I hit mile 13 at 1:59:50 this was where I saw the error of my ways. I had two choices, I could fall back with D.H. who I stayed with until 12.5 or I could push through knowing that I wouldn’t reach my goal.
After the race

My biggest road block while running has been my own head. I tend to give up before I ever start. I knew what I had to do, I had to push through and finish strong. In the last .1 of the race I passed 10 people (don’t you count them?).  Crossing the finish line was so bitter sweet. I knew I ran a great race, but I was bummed I didn’t sub 2:00 or finish with D.H. I know for my training I made the best decision though.

My legs felt awesome I could have kept running and that was the plan, I didn’t push it till the last half mile. I am so thankful to my sweet husband who was willing to run with me even after working 14 16 hour days straight. 

 I am starting to realize my own strength and for the first time in 17 weeks I feel like I can run the marathon next weekend. I didn’t realize that my legs had the power all along. For now

 I will continue to count down the days, but I can’t help but think of the next half where I will reach my goal of a sub 2:00.

13.1 miles in 2:00:46 a new PR. Average pace of 9:13