Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Want to get on this rollercoaster?

Last week I ran 33 miles. This is the highest millage week that I have ever had. The one word that I would use to describe myself after last week is STRONG. I might not be where I want in terms of weight or speed but right now I feel strong. It is a pretty good feeling.

I plan on increasing my distance but I probably will not have another 30 mile week till after my half marathon. My goal miles are 40 a weeks, I will get there one day. For the next four weeks I am going to drop my miles a little and work on speed. This is something that I must do if I want to PR at my next race.
 *I wrote this part on Monday

Fast forward to today:

I think I broke my body. Everything hurts and I feel like I can’t finish the easiest of workouts. I’m not injured, just feel like bleh. It might be because I added swimming, spin, and weights to my workouts. Maybe I shouldn’t train for a triathlon at the same time as a marathon. Don’t worry, I am a quick learner.

Since the half is in weeks, I am going to kick it back and just stick with running and a small amount of cross training.  

On to the best news yet…… I found running friends!! Yay, we even run at about the same speed. I will probably go out with these girls two to three runs a week. Maybe next week I will talk them into a group picture. I don’t want to scare them off yet.

You also need to check this girl out Running Kellometers, she is doing a raffle to raise money for Open Heart Magic. You can win (I REALLY want to win) this cute outfit. She is an inspiration, what a great way to combine to passions.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well hello again...........

Ali Mc (check this girl out, she’s awesome) thanks for the kick in the pants and checking up on me.

Blogger Fail! Apparently I fell off of the face of the earth these last two weeks. Not sure what my problem is, I guess for once in my life I had nothing to say. It has been crazy busy here with all of my training and the kid’s activities.  

Did I tell you that I ran a race? It was pretty awesome, a 10k across the Golden Gate Bridge. SIL and my time was 1:07:56 and a 10:49 pace. Faster than the Lucky 7. The first mile was up hill, and neither of us expected that. Also there were over 2,000 people running on the walking path of the bridge. No roads closed for this race. LOVED being up close and personal with all of those peeps. And there were stairs, you know the race is going to rock when they announce ahead of time that it was not a P.R. course. Well guess what, I P.R. (if this being my first 10k counts as a P.R.)  Here are a few shots of the day-
Ready to run
I was still smiling because we just started

After the race-Me, DH, SIL, FIL

While we were in S.F. we got to see my in-laws. We celebrated Miss thing birthday a few days early. Her birthday is actually today, and I ran 11 miles in honor of her 11th birthday. More on that later.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend-
Kids with Gma

Kids with Great Gpa

Lunch break on the way to SF

Miss thing's cake

Jelly Belly Factory on the way home

So I started swimming, and doing a little weights. I would eventually like to do another triathlon. I also started juicing, I am loving it but will get into that another day. 

Five weeks till the half marathon. I had talked a little about want to sub 2:00. That was when I thought that my P.R. was 2:05, after some research I found out that my P.R. is actually 2:10. I did this on my first of three halfs. New plan, just!

On to this morning, I ran 11 miles in 2:06:30 with an average pace of 11:30. This was my fast long run yet. It felt pretty good, though my shins have been hurting for a couple weeks. :/ At this point I feel like I can finish a half without injury. Can I P.R? Not so sure about that, I would basically have to add two miles to the time I ran today. 

We have a busy night tonight, I will be back tomorrow (or the next day)