Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I suck, I know

So I suck at blogging. I don't know why I can't seem to keep up on it. Training is going great. I have been doing a lot of different things, and it seems to be working. I have dropped a few LBs. I have met so many amazing girls who I am now working out with. I added weights to my routine, my body hurts because it has been a while. I also have another great friend who I have been walking the hills of Mt. Shasta with. What a great workout. One of these days I will post pictures of these hills and my AWESOME calves. I am going to attempt to run with a few girls tomorrow. I will let you know how that works out (I am still in major slow mode :( ). Hopefully I will not wait so long to post again................

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the last few days

Monday- I did two spin rides of an hour each.

Tuesday- 4 mile run

Wednesday- 45 minutes on the trainer. I can't increase and decrease the resistance like on the spin bike but it is a hard workout. It is also nice to be on my bike. This is where I will probably start getting tons of time in the saddle.

Like I said on Monday I am taking it pretty easy this week. More things with the kids like the park and the lake and less time to myself. This is a good break because I plan on intense training the next two weeks.

Monday, August 22, 2011

20 Mile Ride

I am once again a few days behind. Who knew it would be so hard to get even a little post in! Saturday morning I went out on my bike for the second time and rode 20 miles. It was awesome, though there was one little crash. I have a few bruises on my legs but nothing major. I felt really good after, now I am think that I might try for 30 this coming weekend if I can fit it in with the kid's soccer tournaments. I didn't get a run in yesterday. We spent the day reorganizing the house. We have way too much stuff and decided most of it isn't worth keeping around. This is the last week before school starts so I am going to take it easy and do things with the kids. It is on next week! I will have plenty of time to get it all done while the kids are at school.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thurs & Friday

Well yesterday ended up being a rest day though that wasn't my plan. I know I need one each week, this just means I have to push it Saturday and Sunday. Today I ran 3 miles plus a warm-up/cool-down of a half mile. I ran a little slower than I wanted to. That just means I need to hit the pavement a few times a week. HR range was 75-85 percent. After my run I did an hour on the spin bike. Class was crazy hard today and I am spent. I thought I might do a little more tonight, but I don't think it is going to happen. HR range was 75-95 percent.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tues & Wed

Just an update on the last two days-

One hour Boot Camp
1 mile bike/ 1.5 run with the kids

One hour spin class a.m. (HR 65-90)
One hour evening spin on my own
One hour spin class p.m. (HR 65-75)
3 hours on the bike today, I am a happy but tired girl. I am hoping to get a decent run in tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Exercise A.D.D and a Century Ride

If you read my blog, you have probably figured out that I have exercise A.D.D. I am always all over the place. With that said I have a PLAN! I am participating in a century bike ride in Davis on October 15th. It’s not a race, but it is 100 miles. The problem is I am not really in shape beings it will take 7-10 hours to complete, and I haven’t been on a road bike in four years. Today starts my “official” training but I did get on the road yesterday and it wasn’t pretty. Think going down a VERY steep hill, panic attack kind of not pretty. Luckily I have almost 9 weeks to get ready. I am going to keep an update of my training, you know for a little accountability. I might even keep a little food journaling going too because ideally I would like to be 10 pounds liter. Umm well see, because I prefer to live in denial when it comes to what I eat. And I do love Insanity and will keep it in my training, just not every day.  My plan is to cross train but get some SERIOUS time in the saddle (spin, mountain, and road bikes).
So day 1:
Hour spin class morning (HR range 75-95)
Hour spin class evening (HR range 65-85)
Hour trail/mountain ride with the family (forgot monitor)

Wish me luck!

Monday, August 1, 2011

One week of Insanity down

Getting ready to start week two of Insanity this morning. last week went great. Yesterday I was Finally able to do the whole warm-up with a break. I know "warm-up" but it is really hard. I also made it to spin twice. I plan is to make it 3 to 4 times, well see. Getting ready to do day 8 workout now and then spin at 845. Wish me luck.....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I finished my second day of Insanity over an hour ago and I am still shaking. I do not think I have ever done anything this hard. I started day one yesterday with the fit test, and I woke up sore from that. The program is 60 days, and I am REALLY going to try and see this through. My original plan was to do P90X but I couldn't find it so here I am. I also "plan" to do spin 3 times a week AND eventually add my Brazil Butt Lift into this (we'll see). Even though I didn't make my goal of a mile a day I am still trying to fit this in as often as possible. Today we are walk to the store which is a mile there and back. I plan on updating on Insanity as I go. Here are the results from my day 1 fit test:

1. Switch Kicks-  40 (80 both legs)
2. Power Jacks-  37
3. Power Knees- 84
4. Power Jumps- 19
5. Globe Jumps-  6
6. Suicide Jumps-10
7. Push-up Jacks-8
8. Low Plank O- 20

It was total number in a minute. I know some of my numbers are really low, but the exercises were really hard! I don't think I will post (or even take) before photos. I will probably comment on my weight loss if there is any.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Guess I'm not in great (even good) shape...

I seriously need to change SOMETHING. First of all I had a weekend of yummy foods (not healthy ones) and no exercise! Girls night out on Friday though I did some cardio and a mile walk. We got up early Saturday to visit my in-laws and then the GIANTS game yesterday. It was awesome, but after getting some food I ran up the bleachers back to our seats. I was SO out of breath I thought I was going to pass out. Apparently I am doing something wrong on my workouts. Time to step it up before we go to another game……
 Down on the field

Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm back! (again)

So I started writing this blog a few weeks ago after an amazing run but with everything going on I never got a chance to post it. We were staying at my parents house waiting for our stuff to arrive in Mount Shasta, and I was feeling very overwhelmed with everything that kept seeming to go wrong. I was went for a run to try and de-stress and find a little perspective.
I went for a run this morning on the river path in Rogue River. I went a little over 3 miles which is a lot more than I have been going lately. On one side of this path is the river. It follows the rivers turns and is peaceful and beautiful. On the other side of the path is the interstate. I wish I would have taken a picture because you look on one side and you see this beautiful place, but right on the other side is the loud fast moving interstate. I feel like I was looking at my life as I ran. The peacefulness of the river is what I am striving for. But the loud crazy interstate seems to be what my life is. It is always fast moving and never seems to stop. When I first started put I was very overwhelmed looking from side to side wondering how it could be so amazing on one side but so busy on the other. About a mile in I finally started to get into a groove. I was finally able to block out some of the interstate noise and focus on the river. What I really realized was all I need to do is find a little balance just like I did on my run. Life is always going to be like the interstate but I need to find my own groove and incorporate as much as the river as I can. Amazingly this is one of the reasons we chose to move and chose Mount Shasta. Hopefully we find what we are looking for.
So that was a little cheesy but I wrote it so why not post it.

Back to today, I have been getting plenty of miles in everyday. I have been getting in a few runs a week but we walk EVERYWHERE. It is so amazing to live in the middle of town. On our family blog I mentioned all of the walking we do and how we basically only drive to the store for big shops that are too much to carry and ironically the gym. Once I am in a little better shape I would love to be able to run to the gym, workout and then run home.  I am not quite there yet.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I can finally walk again. Been getting a couple miles in everyday for the last few days. Yesterday we went down to Mt. Shasta and did a small hike around the lake. We only went a mile down and back, all of the way around the lake is 9 miles. We also walked to Marissa's new school from our house. Had a great day, can't wait for our things to get here so we can get moved in. Hoping to go for a jog this afternoon/evening though my leg is still pretty sore.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Totally bummed...

So I am pretty bummed, a day after my run and last post I injured myself. Apparently standing on a chair is not a good idea. Bone bruises on my arm, leg, ankle and foot. A week later I still can’t exercise L I don’t even think I could walk around the block at this point. The good news is nothing is broken. Stinks I did this right before we are leaving and I have to miss the last two weeks of all of the classes I love. Hoping if I rest enough now I can get started again as soon as we are moved in at the end of last week.  Maybe later I will post some pictures, my leg is pretty gross!
I have had an amazing time catching up with all of my friends that I am greatly going to miss. Know I won’t get to see everyone but I am trying. Finally I got a blog address, now I just need to set up our profile figure out the privacy setting and blog. Hoping to get something up before we leave......

My leg, one week later

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm back!

Once again it has been way too long since I last blogged and ran for that matter. With the end of the school year and the move life got a little crazy. D.H and I are back from finding a new home and learning a little bit about the town we are moving to (which is beautiful) and I finally ran today. This whole mile a day thing has not been working out like I planned but most things don’t so I guess I will deal with it best I can! I just went out for a couple miles but decided on my run that I am going to start a family blog to keep everyone up with our life. Once I actually do that (today hopefully) I will post a link on here.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 3

Man I fell asleep on the couch last night before I posted. Spin wore me out! I ran a little more than a mile before spin to warm up. The best news-- I can finally say I have started to drop some lbs.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 2

Tonight I took my first "real" run in my fivefingers. Just two miles, but it went awesome. Spent the whole time wondering if the fit was right, should my heel be hitting so hard, is it going to hurt if I hit that rock? None of the following happened, I am still not quite sure one the fit. I feel pressure on the toes but I am not sure if I just need to get use to the separation or I need a bigger size. I figure I will know for sure in the next week or so. Anyways isn't two miles fitting for day two???

Monday, March 28, 2011

Redemption- day 1

Well it happened; I missed yesterdays run and for no good reason. I just forgot! So here I am back on day one. The good news is that I ran just under five miles at an 11 minute mile. I know that isn’t racing speed but pretty good for me.

I had a conversation with a friend this morning about our expectations of people. This really kept me thinking and going during my run. We all tend to have (Well I do) certain expectations of people in our lives. Sometimes this can lead to huge disappointments because people do not live up to these expectations. Truly it isn’t their fault because I am the one who held this idea in my head. So lately I have been trying to except people for who they are and what they can do. I don’t anyone goes out of their way to hurt another person’s feelings (at least I hope not). Don’t you think any given person is doing the best they can on any given day?

As these thoughts are going through my head on my run I also started thinking about the people in my life and how different any given relationship is from another. I have decided this isn’t a bad thing; all of our relationships shouldn’t be the same. We would be missing out on so many things. I think of all of the things I have learned from anyone person and I am thankful for it all.  I feel that is kind of sappy, but the original point of this blog is to blog about my thoughts during my daily runs.

On the flip side, I think at some point I figured out I just have to be the person that I am. Lay off of doing things that I think someone would want me to do. Where is the fun in that?

Wow- a long run equals lots of thoughts! So here it is, day one with only another 364 days to go…………………

My run today

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainy Day

Rainy day today but I got a mile in om my treadmill. I wore my five fingers again, and did a few intervals. It is a very different feeling, I need to get use to it. I ZUMBA'D tonight, it is such an awesome workout. I am TRYING to stay on top of my cardio, hopefully results will closely follow.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

D.H and I decided to join the world of barefoot running. We have been talking about this for some time, and yesterday bought our first pairs of fivefingers. I am so excited, all I really want to do is take them out for a run but you have to ease into them. We walked a mile and will probably do this for most of the week. I am hoping by next weekend I am ready for a run in them. 

So I only blogged one other time this week but I have been doing at least a mile every day. Now just trying to get into the groove of blogging about it. I had a friend (Tara) and the kids joining me a couple of days this past week. It is nice to change it up sometimes, and it made time fly by. I also got a decent run in too. My plan is 2 to 3, three mile plus runs a week. I have also been hitting Zumba like crazy so MAYBE I will start dropping a little weight (daydreams here).

                                                                  My workout buddy! 

As I have said before, we have had so much going on recently. I feel like I do not always get time with people I would like to see.  Luckily I have some amazing friendships and we are able to just pick up where we left off. We all have CRAZY lives, I get it- it’s nothing personal. So spring break was spent catching up with some people I NEVER get to see enough of. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see everyone I would have liked to. During my long run the other day, I couldn’t help but think about relationships I have developed and how much they have changed over time. I feel like I am finally in a place I can really enjoy them; I don’t have the worries I once had. I think you finally get to the point where you are living for yourself and not for what you think other people are “looking” for you to do/say/be.

I guess this is my week summed up. Don’t judge!