Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I finished my second day of Insanity over an hour ago and I am still shaking. I do not think I have ever done anything this hard. I started day one yesterday with the fit test, and I woke up sore from that. The program is 60 days, and I am REALLY going to try and see this through. My original plan was to do P90X but I couldn't find it so here I am. I also "plan" to do spin 3 times a week AND eventually add my Brazil Butt Lift into this (we'll see). Even though I didn't make my goal of a mile a day I am still trying to fit this in as often as possible. Today we are walk to the store which is a mile there and back. I plan on updating on Insanity as I go. Here are the results from my day 1 fit test:

1. Switch Kicks-  40 (80 both legs)
2. Power Jacks-  37
3. Power Knees- 84
4. Power Jumps- 19
5. Globe Jumps-  6
6. Suicide Jumps-10
7. Push-up Jacks-8
8. Low Plank O- 20

It was total number in a minute. I know some of my numbers are really low, but the exercises were really hard! I don't think I will post (or even take) before photos. I will probably comment on my weight loss if there is any.

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