Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Totally bummed...

So I am pretty bummed, a day after my run and last post I injured myself. Apparently standing on a chair is not a good idea. Bone bruises on my arm, leg, ankle and foot. A week later I still can’t exercise L I don’t even think I could walk around the block at this point. The good news is nothing is broken. Stinks I did this right before we are leaving and I have to miss the last two weeks of all of the classes I love. Hoping if I rest enough now I can get started again as soon as we are moved in at the end of last week.  Maybe later I will post some pictures, my leg is pretty gross!
I have had an amazing time catching up with all of my friends that I am greatly going to miss. Know I won’t get to see everyone but I am trying. Finally I got a blog address, now I just need to set up our profile figure out the privacy setting and blog. Hoping to get something up before we leave......

My leg, one week later

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I started my exercise program today. I expect to be hurting tonight. Good luck with your move.