Monday, March 14, 2011

Way too long.... (3.8)

It’s been a while, but I’m back! Still been doing the mile thing but have had some crazy things going on and been too drained to blog. If you know anything about us you know we ALWAYS have these cray medical things going on. So long story short, went out this morning to clear my head and get back in the GAME. So I am super sore from Zumba Saturday morning and an awesome bike ride with the family. I want to go to Zumb tonight so I figured I would run the soreness out. 3.8 miles later we will see how it goes.  Didn’t time myself but it felt AWESOME!
Woke up this morning felling LuCkY. Not like I should play to lottery lucky but lucky in my life. Does that make sense? Sorry if it doesn’t. So I spent my run thinking about that. There are so many things that I/we want to happen in our personal life, there are some changes we have been talking about making. So many decisions that we need to make. But this morning I m just feeling the awesomeness of our life. Life is good…………………………..

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  1. Ive been feeling this way too! Oddly enough, I still don't care for Kingman, but I have been feeling very positive about where I am at lately. :)