Friday, June 15, 2012

What is the problem with me????

There is something seriously wrong with me. Okay there are many somethings wrong with me. We aren’t even going to talk about my lack of blogging and lack of my last race recap right now (I SWEAR I will get to that super soon).  Basically every time I go out on a run I tell myself that I am not going to freak out and completely abandon my route. Yet I see one sketchy car and or person I every horrible thought runs through my head and I bail. :/

I wanted to run hills today, so off I went. All was great until I was running on a road that does not have a lot of traffic. I went around a corner and bam ahead of me was a guy walking with a backpack. I am sure he was a very nice non-rapist guy yet I turned around and ran back down the hill as fast as I could.  I am really trying to work on this….

In other news, this is my first week back to training. Long story short- I ran the half injured, got my worst time ever, took a few weeks off and now I am back. Next week starts my ‘official’ marathon training.  My Brooks didn’t end up working so we ran to Redding last night to exchange them and got these bad boys……

They are really purple not blue like the picture looks like

I added the orange speed laces, I love speed laces. I did a quick three miles to try them out. They feel pretty good. I hope they don’t cause a different injury.

On yet another note, I did my first track workout this week. It was so hard and my hamstrings still are SORE. The plan was to do 4 800/400’s but after the first 400 I knew I couldn’t. So I stuck to 400/400’s, I think I did 7 of them. Plus a warm up and cool down for a total of 4.5 miles. I also started boot camp this week. So much fun but there is one to two miles of running in that too.

I made a training plan but after a week of just running I have realized that it is too ambitious. I am going to reassess after the weekend.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Happy Father's Day to my D.H., you are an amazing dad. I am lucky to have two awesome dads and a pretty awesome FIL too, Happy Father's Day.  

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  1. were you assaulted??? this sounds like PTSD to me. As a victim of sexual assault I was like that for a while. Now I never worry, though I don't go out without taking precautions. Maybe get one of those rape horns ??? they're small and the sound is ear piercing. Or perhaps run with mase???

    I'm scared at night alone too