Saturday, July 7, 2012

I am a runner

(Let’s just pretend that it hasn’t been forever since my last post)

Went on a run that should have been an epic fail. But it wasn’t, so amazing. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard and I was tired. 11 miles later I felt awesome. Life has been insane lately. I took the last five days off because I was feeling lazy. Ran seven miles yesterday, and then went out with the girls.  Last night I managed to eat pizza, garlic fries, two beers, Mexican food and one huge sangria. It was all delicious, though I knew it was not the best pre-run fueling. Stayed up late, and had five hours of sleep, with one heck of a belly ache this morning. 
Ready for fun with the girls (shirt looks better when it isn't all wonky)

Rachel (who was pretty much in the same boat) and I set out early to run to the lake, around it and then back to the coffee house. We didn’t realize there was a fire at the lake until we see about 10 fire trucks. We were already there, and could see smoke but didn’t realize it was as close as it was. So we did what any girls in our position would do, we ran seven miles around the lake. The smoke was fairly thick in some areas, but luckily we never had to turn back. I forgot to mention that my Garmin battery was dead. I CANNOT run without it, so I might have pouted for a few miles. :/ At least we knew the distance ahead of time. It drove me nuts not know my pace and distance covered. By the time we were finished, we were ecstatic. For the first time ever, after all of that I would call myself a RUNNER. NBD. It wasn’t the fastest time, and we stopped quite a few times to see what was going on.
So attractive after 11 miles

I have been home a few hours and I am worn out, but not like I ran 11 miles. Just like I had a great workout. I am so glad to see my miles moving up. I only ran three times this past week and was still able to get 20 miles in.
4th of July

We had a great 4th but now it is time to get back on track. My eating has been better :/ Wish me luck, and have a fabulous weekend-

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