Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting Faster

Hope everyone is having a great Monday. I started the day with a track run. I have to say I am really enjoying the track.  It is the one run a week that I truly push myself. Today’s plan was:

Tempo Run Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 4 Mi @ 10:23; Cool

What I actually ran was:

 WU11:18 *4 mi splits 9:58/9:46/9:46/9:07* CD 11:49 + 1 mile jog

I had never ran a tempo run at the track but wanted to see my speed on a flat surface.  I first tempo mile would have been about a 9:46 but I kept trying to slow myself down. Whenever I looked at my watch pace was a 9:46. After the first mile I decided to just go with how I felt. The pace stayed the same. I kept expecting to lose pace but held on for the first three miles. Honestly I didn’t even look at my watch until the third lap of the last mile. When I saw it was hovering around a 9:10 I figured I would just finish. Honestly I could have done maybe one or two more miles around a 9:50 but I was trying to stick to the plan.

I feel really good today because I never really push myself. I always back off if I think that I am going too fast. It is nice to see that I can hold under a 10 minute mile for 4 miles. Though I will let you know how I am feeling tomorrow.

Here is what the rest of my week looks like:

 Monday- Tempo Run Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 4 Mi @ 10:23; Cool (7 mi)

Tuesday- boot camp/ 1 mile easy

Wednesday- Easy run Dist: 5 Mi @11:56 (I would really like to spin on Wed too)

Thursday- boot camp/ 1 mile easy

Friday- Long run 14 mi @ 11:56  ß--  This will be my LONGEST RUN EVER

Saturday- Recovery run 4 mi @11:56

Sunday- REST J

Total miles for the week= 32

Stretch, foam roll and recovery time
better than an ice bath


  1. Great job on keeping that pace!! I've never run on a track before, does it feel really different?

    1. Thanks! I will have to take a picture, the track is black rubber and is pretty soft. I never feel any jarring when I run on it. Mt. Shasta is very hilly so it is really the only flat run I can get. You should try it, I have definitely seen an increase in speed this last month doing track sprints.

  2. Great job on your track workout! How was your 14 miler?

  3. I had a little freak out moment but it went really well. I really need to post about it. Eek, 16 miles next week. Thanks for checking out my blog!