Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can I say pity run?

We had some heartache in 2010 which lead into 2011. With a rough start to the year we made some life altering decisions. Luckily 2011 ended with a bang and here we are 2012. This morning we got some news that we weren’t expecting. It isn’t the end of the world, and we most importantly we are all healthy. Just had to spend the morning dealing with things I didn’t want to do or think about anymore. I stressed enough over the last year. So what was going to take maybe 30 minutes before my workout turned into a 4 hour process. (Just rereading before I post, and now I feel kind of silly posting this but I don’t want to delete the whole post.) It is really nothing, just unexpected. Threw me off my game for a bit. Today was supposed to be an easy day, 2.5 run and strength. After my morning I ate a quick lunch (first mistake) and decided to hit the tm. I did a 1.25 mile walking warm-up. That wasn’t the plan but my phone call took longer than expected. I reset the tm (I’m weird like that) and started my run. Here is where I got:

This seven minutes felt like an eternity. I was making myself nuts, I felt like I couldn’t do it so I laid here:

After about 5 minutes of feeling sorry for myself I knew I still had to run 2.5 miles. Ugh, I would have to start again because the point is to slowly run it without stopping. Try as I might I couldn’t make myself do it, so I decided to throw a sweatshirt on and do some hills (outside). I really felt the need to blow off steam. Little did I know that it looked like this out:

This is after, and the rain had slowed down

Seriously 36 degrees, windy and raining? I’m telling you, NOT MY DAY! I did what any girl would do, turned around went inside and grabed a hat. Didn’t want water getting in my eyes. I know that 2.5 is not a long distance, but sometimes if feels like it. I had the most amazing run, it went by almost too fast. I ran a big hills and about 2.77 miles. I considered going longer, but I was cold because I really wasn’t dressed appropriately.
I needed this run, I needed to remind myself that most things are just a blip on the radar. So I had a rough morning, we all do. I had about 800 excuses to not run today, but I only need one “I can do it, this is nothing” moment. While I was running I tried not to think, to enjoy the moment and the beauty of this magnificent place we live.  If following your dreams were easy, would they still be worth it?

On a lighter note, D.H. got me these awesome gloves for my birthday.
I sweat I don't have man hands

Do you see that the thumb and the first finger are made out if a soft fleece? We are having a difference of opinion on the point of this is. What do you think it is for?


  1. Ooh are those the kind of gloves that work with touch screens? That's the only reason I can think of that the two fingers would be different material!

    1. I thought it was to wipe your runny nose :). Maybe both?

  2. nice gloves, nice job getting the run in even though you didn't want to and I hope everything works out ok :) never minimize your feelings ;)

  3. Is everything okay?? What's going on?? You know you can always reach out to me, like I reach out to you!

    1. Now I laugh, not sure why it seemed so upsetting at the time. Thanks girl!