Monday, February 20, 2012

You better check yo self

You better check yo self before you wreck yo self (thank you Ice-cube for those words of wisdom). This is why I should have thrown this brilliant plan right out the window. What happened when I didn’t check my self? I gained 5 pounds, Holly Hannah I knew my clothes were a little tighter than normal, but come on. I am suppose to being losing weight for my race, not gaining.  So back to the hate/hate love/hate relationship with my scale.

Surprisingly I have been working my tail off exercising (and apparently eating). I will start counting my calories, I will take all of the joy out of my life (if you don’t count my family). Running is going, I am sore in all of the right places; I am keeping with the plan. Remember that awesome dvd I got for my birthday? The shred, well a month later it was still in the package. As you all know I read too many blogs, this rad chick encouraged me to rip that bad boy open. Even better I talked D.H. into doing it with me. We will be shredding for the next 30 26 days. That’s right, four days down. Thank you Mama Laughlin, I wish we lived closer so we could shred together.

I am also back on the blogging wagon. Remember Ice cube said it best. D.H said he will no longer visit my blog because I only post unflattering pictures. So to prove to you that we are not gross all of the time, here you go-

In Ashland OR last week.

Not sure why I picked this one, sweaty moving day

I need those extensions again :(
 *I swear D.H. has more than one shirt, I just randomly picked a few off of the computer.

Oh and my birthday shoes finally came in, and I LOVE them. Don’t be a hater, I know you are jealous of my glow in the dark kicks!


  1. you guys are all so cute. Love the hair :) and your new shoes are SWEET!

    missed you :) glad you're bloggin again!

    1. Thanks friend. Hope your hip starts feeling better soon. Injuries stink, especially when you are training for something.

  2. All I know is you busted your ass while I slept in so keep on rocking! Miss you!

  3. Those look like pumped up kicks for sure. I read ML's blog too! You are motivating me!