Saturday, February 25, 2012

Please be my friend

Like the new layout? It still needs some work but is now in progress. There are tons of things I still want to do, but it takes quite a bit of time. On to more important things.

Have I told you that Jillian Michaels and I have reached BFF status after 10 days of shredding. I love love love this workout, seriously only 20 minutes and I have one SORE body. You know that good kind of sore. Feel free to ask me how I feel on day 29. Tomorrow I think I might move up to level 2, we’ll see though because I actually look forward to the circuits in level one. 

<--- See that awesomeness, now you can see my runs that I track on dailymile. If you use dailymile friend me please, I only have three friends on there. I would totally be cool with you just joining so I have friends too! Ugh, I have been running super slow but I am really trying to focus on distances and NOT walking. Plus I know I say this all of the time but my runs are not flat *sounds funny*. I feel like I should be singing “Over the hills and through the woods” whenever I run outside.

I now have a March- 7 miler, April- 10k, July- 5 miler and 5k, November 15k on the calendar. D.H. and I are going to run a half this summer (we still haven’t picked one, it will be a mini vaca too), and my sister wants to do one too. Stacey Harvey let's pick one please (I know she reads this). Lastly, I am desperate to run a full marathon, I think about it constantly (sick, I know). I really want to run it this fall but might wait till January and do the RnR Arizona. This is where I did my first half so it seems kind of fitting.

I am scheduled for 4 miles tomorrow. My last run was longer than scheduled so I am not sure if I will do the 4 or 2.5 speed that I didn’t do. I’ll let you know tomorrow. It has been so nice I have been running outside. If I do the 2.5 I will do it on the TM. I swear I have to make myself go fast.

Have a happy Saturday-

My life <3


  1. You are running faster than me and longer than me, but I will catch up:)

  2. We should do a race in Vegas when we all meet up in Aug that would be so fun!