Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some fun news

I had a great run yesterday, and I really needed it. I have had an issue with my left calf lately and it finally felt “right” to run again. Only 3.5 miles, but .5 more than my plan called for. Been doing really good with Shred too, though I have yet to get to it today. I have been home with a sickie (keep Miss thing in your prayers please), and all of that jazz.

Miss thing on 80's day

Did I tell you that the Lucky 7 is in FOUR weeks? We are staying the weekend in Sacramento, so expect some fun pictures. I am super excited, a little nervous because it has been a while since I raced. Best news of all---

I am down three of those darn five pounds, before you know it I will be back to where I started (and STILL 20 pounds from my goal). You see I just blogged about the gain but I learned of it a week ago. So back to Wednesday (or everyday) weigh-ins. 

I really do not have anything profound to say, just logging on for a little accountability. Now that I have blogged about the workout that still needs to be done I will have to do it! Feel free to call me on it tomorrow, peace out-

Question- If you are going for out for a run and your music is dead do you go without or wait for it to charge?
I totally postponed my run for 30 minutes yesterday to get a charge.


  1. I would totally wait for it to charge. Couldn't do it most days without the music.

  2. If I am running outside I go without music! If it's on the TM then I need my headphones.

    Congrats on losing 3 of the 5! Baby steps :) GL this weekend! NorCal is my home. I need to get back up that way soon!

    1. Thanks so much for reading. I should start running without my headphones more so I am not frantic without them.