Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finding my way..............

I would like to start by saying Congratulations to  my sister Stacey for running her first race today. I am so proud of you. She race an 8k, she is a rockstar!
 Today is a rest day, which is a good thing because we are getting quite a bit of snow right now. We went away for the night Friday and I have to say that I am MIGHTY proud of myself. Not only did I eat well, (even eating out) I ran too. Anytime we go out I usually blow it, big time. French fries are one of my best friends, so I made sure to eat places that didn’t serve them. Problem solved!

Usually I will throw some sort of workout wear in my bag “just in case” and then don’t use them. Yesterday morning D.H. and I got up had breakfast and went for a run. I had a 3 mile recovery on the plan but we decided to go for 4.5 because we were on this really cool path.  I kind of wish it would have been a long run day. 

Three weeks till the 10k with my SIL. I had so much fun at the Lucky 7 I can’t wait to run with her again.  After that I will have 6 weeks till the big 13.

It is SB for the kids but I plan on sticking to my workout schedule as much as possible. Here is what this week looks like:

             Monday- 5 miles @ race pace (9:59 for now)
             Tuesday- 3 miles @ recovery pace
             Wednesday- Rest day/20 minute shred
             Thursday- Long run, 8 miles
             Friday- cross-train/ shred
             Saturday- Rest
             Sunday- 3 miles @ recovery pace/Shred

Saturday and Sundays are interchangeable, I just need to make sure one of them is a non-running day.  We will probably spend some time up at the mountain snowboarding this week too. I also plan on dropping my calories a little more this week. I was too hungry last week to get them as low as I want (12-1300).

 ***Sorry no pictures today, I made the words purple so it wouldn't be so boring.


  1. Good luck on the 10K! I just ran one on Saturday. It's a great distance - probably one of my favorites! Snowboarding always seems like it'd be so fun. Next winter, I think I'm gonna find a cabin in the mountains and give skiing/snowboarding/sitting-in-a-hot-tub-drinking-hot-chocolate a try! :)


    1. Just read about your race, awesome job! You should definitely do the cabin thing, super fun.

  2. Congrats on your sisters first race! it's so thrilling :) and enjoy your rest day...looks like you have a busy week of training.

    I love the purple writing. thank you :D