Friday, March 30, 2012

8 miles

My body is so tired. I really should start counting snowboarding as an exercise because I am always so sore afterwards. Yesterday we boarded and today was an 8 miler. The only goal I had was to do it without worrying about my time. I finally programmed my splits so I didn’t have to hit the lap key. This was nice because I didn’t have to keep checking my watch but bad because I didn’t know my splits. My overall time was good (nice and slow) but my splits were all over the place. I was stiff and sore the entire run, I never really got into it, though it didn’t hurt.

Here are my splits:
Mile 1- 11:06
Mile 2- 11:33
Mile 3- 11:57
Mile 4- 11:41
Mile 5- 12:07
Mile 6- 11:41
Mile 7-12:49
Mile 8- 12:35

That last mile was SO hard, my legs were done. I should mention that it rained the entire run. Here is what I looked like after running 1:35:30 minutes:

Awkward hands

I found an easier way to take an ice bath:

Mountain girl ice bath

Okay not really, it is for a virtual race photo contest I participated in. You had to be holding spatulas, wish me luck!

Honestly I thought about all of the amazing things I could do if I won the jackpot. The people you could help with 500 million dollars. I tend to think about whatever I see before I run. AND the jackpot was all over the news today. This probably kept me going for at least four miles. After that I wondered if it would be rude to drink water out of someone’s hose. I was really regretting the no water thing by mile 6 (ironic since it was raining).  My millage is going to continue to increase so I will probably have to figure something out soon. I ate dried apricots at mile 4, they worked alright. 

Random- I knew about where I was going to run but just went for it. When I got to the end of my street I hit 8 miles in the exact spot I started my watch...

In other news….. we bought a juicer. This is something that I have been wanting for a while. After watching Hungry For Change, D.H. and I both knew we had to make some changes. This is something we have been working towards for awhile. We have been working on cutting out many things and eating things close to natural forms. This is working for us, but to each his own. It isn’t for everyone. We aren’t cutting it all out, just trying to eat clean most of the time. Before watching this documentary we really didn’t include the kids. Now I think that this might be more important for them.
Here is M and J drinking the fruit and veggie juice they made:


Hope you all have a great weekend. 


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    1. Maybe you could put in a good word....

  2. I think about the lottery all the time, too! I totally play the "if I played the lottery and got filthy freakin' rich" game while running too. I have a whole life planned out for me once I win this thing... that probably means I should buy a ticket, huh?

    Don't worry about your splits today. You're always going to have a bad run from time to time. The only important thing about that is that you have the ability to tuck it away and just be proud that you finished!

    I never take water with me when I run, but going into a Georgia summer, I'm going to need to. I may the water belt that RunsForCookies Katie talked about a few weeks ago!


    1. If one of us wins the lottery we can race together!!!

  3. I love your 8 miler - I can a visiting (it's been twice now) and still no new post! HMMM.

    PS: email me your address :D