Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 days in a row...

Three run days in a row, and I am feeling good. I went 3.5 miles today, I wanted to do 4 but the roads were starting to get icy. I figured why hurt myself, so I headed home. My time was pretty slow, I really need to work on this. My miles are up which is awesome. I can actually see myself running 7 miles straight. But it will probably take me forever. So I think I am going to start tempo/intervals next week. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I was going to run on the TM but have found that if I am in the house I think of all of the other things I need/should be doing.

Here is a picture of the shoes I wear in snow. They have great traction-

I wore my snowboard socks, they not only kept my calves warm but my soaking wet feet warm too.

Today I tried to just run with the music (there was tons of singing too). Sometimes I run to think things through, sometimes I just let it all go. That was really how this run was, probably because I had to really pay attention to my surroundings. 

I already told you that D.H. and I are planning to run a half this summer. There is a race on Mother’s Day that I really want to do. Not sure if this is how I should spend the weekend. Maybe if I could talk my mom into coming with us? There is a thought…..

I didn’t do Shred last night, I was going to. So I thought I would do it twice today. Haha, I could barely do it the first time after my run. Maybe tonight too? We’ll see (probably not).

My long run this weekend is 7 miles, at least I will have a better idea of how long the race will take.  I am hoping to get my mileage up each week, we will see how this goes. 

Looks like someone was playing with my camera. The kids always want to take pictures for my blog (I'm pretty sure they do not know what a blog is though)-
Kiki and Louie


  1. Snow! Ice! I'm so jealous! And also, impressed. I tend to avoid runs outside when the weather is freezing and/or wet. I did my tempo on a treadmill but it was at a gym. It might be totally different at home when I am thinking of laundry and dishes and vacuuming...

    1. I like to use the weather as an excuse to go slow :)