Tuesday, March 6, 2012

slippery when wet

No soreness at ALL, ice baths must really work! I was sure that I would be in pain from pushing myself but I wasn’t. My bum knee was a little swollen but it always is after a run.

Another icy day in Mount Shasta. Decided to run outside anyways. This is my first run after my 10 miler. I took two days off and today I was good to go. Before I ran, I did level 1 Shred. I decided to stick with level 1 while training for my race. Did I tell you that the race is in LESS than two weeks? Eek! 

There are a few reasons why I hit the pavement even in crummy weather (today). I figure you cannot pick the race day weather (try as you might) so I might as well get use to running in everything. How can you enjoy the great weather if that is all you ever run in? When I go outside and freeze, I am a lot more likely to appreciate better weather. And Mount Shasta has the most AMAZING air, I love being out in it.  So it might seem crazy when you see me logging the miles on dailymile or facebook, but I have my reasons. 

I will tell you that the first mile was tough going. I realized just how cold and windy it was. I thought about turning around a time or two, but knew if I made it the first mile I would be fine. So glad I stuck it out, I know my time has a ways to go, it seems to be heading in the right direction. I considered going five miles, but I had lunch plans and wanted time to shower. 

Here are the splits from today’s freezing, windy run-

Mile 1- 12:15 slight incline
Mile 2- 10:04 down hill
Mile 3- 10:56 flat with a few rolling hills
Mile 4- 11:30 up hill, against the wind

For the life of me I cannot get that first mile any faster. I am so stiff and cannot get going. Anyone have any suggestions? It was kind of funny when I hit mile 3 and saw my second mile split I did a little jump. Jumped right on to some ice and lost my balance and slid. Luckily I did not fall, but I am sure the car passing me enjoyed the show…..

On to more important things like my hair. So I have the sick idea that my greasy/sweaty unwashed hair looks like beach waves? Am I right, or does it look like unwashed hair? I have perfected the bun while I run (and shred). Pulled out after my shower and I am good to go.

Here is what it looks like on a wash day-

(I know, I need to start seriously using all of that concealer my sister gives me, or learn how to Photoshop) maybe a little conditioner too, gross! I swear I put product on my hair right after this, I guess I should have did it first.

Day two
This looked better once I tucked that piece behind my hair

Day three

I think it looks better the dirtier it gets.  I might ever start going four or five days. I also need to work on taking better pictures of myself.


  1. My hair does that! It looks mildly okay the first day, better the second, best the third! So I usually wash mine every three days. I've developed a routine with my running so I can do that. :)

    And you have completely gorgeous hair!

    The first mile is brutal for me, too. I hate that first mile most runs. I am stiff and tight and mentally not into it yet. After the first mile, I can fly, but God, sometimes that first mile takes everything I have!

  2. UM your hair looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would kill for my day 3 hair to look like that :) doesn't look dirty at all.

    that first mile is tough. I'd say that you shouldn't try to make it faster....as you gain speed it will eventually be faster. If you want a more consistent pace for each mile I'd recommend walking first. I love walking to warm up and find I run way better than without it.

  3. My hair can not go more than a day without washing...it looks horrible if I do that! Yours, on the other hand, looks great!!!