Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not so easy........

So I had a not so easy, easy 7 mile run this morning. Easy as in easy pace, not easy mileage. Long runs make me crazy nervous. I had a hard time sleeping last night, and an upset tummy this morning anticipating my run. Not sure why, just ran 7 last week and today I was going to keep it between an 11:30 and 12:00 minute mile. 

I decided to carry water, though I didn't really need it. Because my long runs generally take me FOREVER I usually pack a little fuel. I forgot today and this freaked me out a little. Though I ran under 90 minutes so my body didn't need it.  Back to mile one- way too fast, (I'll show my splits at the end) like 2 minute mile too fast. So I slowed it down on mile 2, here I was still feeling pretty good. My legs were feeling my mistake by mile 3. 

Into mile 4 I was still feeling strong, thinking I got this. Unfortunately I didn't factor in the overpass that was coming. It kind of took the sails out of me, but I recovered before mile 5. Mile 5 was basically up hill the entire mile. It was pretty gradual, but I felt no reprieve. When I hit mile 6 I might have panicked a little, might have shed a tear or two. I actually considered walking the rest of the way home here.

Finally, I pulled up my big girl panties and went for it. This was maybe the hardest mile I have ran in my life. I was really struggling internally if I could do it or not. Things got better when I reached 6.7 miles and realized that I miss calculated and I was going to have to run by my cul-de-sac (this is another place I almost said screw it). The last .3 seemed nearly impossible, but it gets even better. In my panicked mind I was not able to properly do math so when I turned around, I realized I was going to have to pass my house AGAIN! Needless to say I made it, and I have never been so happy for a run to be over. Oddly enough my average pace was 11:28.

My splits
mile 1- 10:21   <-- way too fast
mile 2- 10:25    <-- still too fast
mile 3- 11:55
mile 4- 11:57   
mile 5- 12:11  <-- overpass
mile 6- 12:50  <-- 8% incline
mile 7- 11:35
                ^   Most rewarding mile EVER 

Every time I think I have an handle on this whole running thing I realize that I still have SO much to learn.

Before I ran this made my morning.......

 Josh (my 8 y.o.)- “Are you going to run today?” 
 Me- “Yes I am, today is my long run.” 
At this point he just stares at me. 
Me- “That is so sweet of you to ask, thanks.” 
Josh- “I didn’t, I asked you if it is going to rain today.”   
Oops, I might have a little too much running on the brain.You mean everyone in the family doesn't think about running as much as I do???

Good look, no?


  1. Bottom line-you did it! Congrats.

  2. I have SO HAD those kind of runs! It's the worst kind of run to have during a long run, because you have such a long way to run for you to think about how torturous it is. But at the end of the run, you are bad-ass and you made it - YAY!

  3. Your conversation with Josh was sooo funny! I can actually hear him saying that! :)

    1. Haha, he didn't think it was funny.