Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucky 7 Race recap

This post is long and choppy, sorry! It is out of order, but I have pictures :)
We did it! The Lucky 7 went fabulous and is over. This is pretty shocking considering that everything that could have went wrong, did. I will get to that soon….

Total time according to my Garmin was 1:16:44 in 7.07 miles. Average pace was 10:51, so glad this was under an eleven minute mile. We gave ourselves a goal of 1:30 but hoped to finish around 1:20. It was a little tricky because we had never run together and for the most part both run alone. This race was so much fun, it was awesome to get to chat with my SIL for 7 miles. I am not going to lie, our splits (except for the last one) were not that impressive. They were all over the place.

Lucky 7 Race splits
Mile 1- 11:18
Mile 2- 11:30
Mile 3- 11:56
Mile 4- 10:34
Mile 5- 10:34
Mile 6-10:40
Mile 7- 9:30 (total time 10:12 this was 1.07 on my Garmin)
Dude, you are going the wrong way!!!

After our race was the kids race, where Marissa and Joshua both participated in the one mile. IT wasn’t timed but Marissa was the second one in, first girl. I cannot believe how fast her legs can move, and when she is going there is no stopping her. Joshua came in towards the front close behind her. The kid DOES NOT run, it isn’t his thing and he has no desire to do it. I was shocked (we all were) at how fast he was. I didn’t even know it was him because I thought he would be further back. 
After the kids race.


Tired boy

Back to Friday before the race:
We got started a little later than planned, if you know me you know that I am a time whore. I cannot stand to be 5 seconds late, and I am not nice if I am. We still had plenty of time to pick up the bibs before 5 p.m. Unfortunately it poured the entire drive. It was raining so hard, I am not sure how D.H. was able to see the road. This put us REALLY behind. Our 3.5 hour trip took well over 4 hours. Finally we were about 2 miles away and it was 4:40, I was able to breathe. Until we were at a standstill in traffic, was sure we weren’t going to make it. 5 minutes to spare D.H. dropped me off at the front door and I ran in and grabbed our bibs and shirts. I was bummed because there were only shirts and bibs, no bags of swag. AND no medals at the end, though there were tasty treats.

Not cool.

The rest of our night wasn’t great (I will spare you the details), we were all stressed from the drive and sleep was light. Race morning I got up showered and got all ready to go. Breakfast didn’t start at the hotel till 20 minutes before we had to leave. When we got down to breakfast there was a school robotic team. Probably 50 high schoolers enjoying breakfast in a little tiny room. We grabbed our stuff and shoved it down our throats and headed to the race.
Getting ready.

Getting ready.

It took longer to park and get to the starting than planned. Not a huge deal, found my SIL and the two of us got in line for the pots. The lines were super long, and moved super slow.  We finally got to the front right before gun time but figured no big deal, we had chips. Finally used the restroom and we were ready to go. I was over dressed so I took off my L.S. shirt. I still had my bag but we lost the rest of the family. Apparently they had gone past the start to take pictures. We didn’t want to cross the start because of the chips so we stood there not knowing what to do. Right before we were going to just bag check Ginny saw the fam down the lane. So we started running bag in hand (4 minutes after the gun went off) and threw it to them as we passed.
Waiting in line.
Take my bag.

We saw them again around mile 5 (they tried to find us at mile 3 but we were too fast) where the kids came and ran with us. My FIL snapped some pictures at about 6.5 then everyone was at the finish. We pushed that last mile so hard, I really couldn’t have given it anymore. That is such an awesome feeling, something I have never done in a race before. I am so thankful for my SIL and cannot wait to run with her again. We have a 10k in four weeks, plan is to work on the negative splits……

I would only do this race again if I did the ½ marathon. Sorry I want a medal and that is the only way to get one at this race….

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, enjoying family and the Sacramento Zoo
Who dresses that child?


Haha, do you remember doing this?


 I am sure my FIL has some pictures I will probably post.

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