Saturday, March 10, 2012

Runs, runs, and runs...

Sorry no pictures today, just a quick post about my last 3 runs. :(  I good news is that I finally did it.......

One week till the Lucky 7m Race, I am so excited. I even bought some green nail polish. I have a long run today or tomorrow, then a little tapering. I haven’t talked to you in so long, I have had a couple runs.

 I wasn’t feeling so hot on Wednesday so I just did 2.5 miles on the TM. I started at 5 and increase the speed every two minutes and at 6.5. The total time for the run was- 27:00. I also did Shred, but my head hurt so it was extremely hard.

Thursday was a run day and run I did. It was beautiful out I planned my run around the coffee house. 5 miles ended directly in front of place. I grabbed water (tons) and an iced coffee, and then walked the last mile home. It was such a beautiful day so I walked down to Josh’s school to volunteer (which I do every Thursday and Friday). Once I got back home I was at 8 miles for the day. 

Here are my splits from my 5 miles-
Mile 1- 9:26                    <--- Do you see that? Under 10, and in my first mile!!!
Mile 2- 10:02                       
Mile 3- 10:17
Mile 4- 10:26
Mile 5- 11:26

Well, look at that. I finally got my first mile inder 12, but I got slower as I went. My legs were super tired after two miles, I really had to push through.  Mile 1 at a bit of a decline, mile 2 was fairly flat, a few rolling hills. Mile 3 was a gradual decline that last most of the mile. Mile 4 was rolling hills, and mile 5 was UP hill (and about killed me). Even though my time was awesome (51 minutes) those splits SUCK. I will continue to do what I do, start out much slower, I really prefer looking at negative splits.

Yesterday was a busy (and another beautiful) day. I started the day with 10 minutes on the stair climber, followed by a 50 minute spin class. I couldn’t resist when I got home and decided to head out. I only did 2.5 because my legs were super tired. I didn’t even time myself. It was a great run jog.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Marissa has softball tryouts/evaluations today, wish her luck. Joshua misses the cut off by 5 days so he will be doing coach pitch this year. Did I tell you Marissa's track season starts next week too.  I love Spring!

I am so excited for the race and our weekend away next week. Racecation anyone?


  1. The weather is getting nicer. That mean far less excuses right? I have lots of excuses LOL I'm impressed by your time too!

  2. Congrats on a first-mile under 10 - that is awesome! I'm so impressed! I will often think that I am in the mood for a run and set out, only to have to cut it short because of tired legs. I think running is addictive and our brains think we can do so much more than our legs think we can!

    Also, you are going to ROCK the Lucky 7 race!!

    Happy Saturday!

    1. That is exactly it, in my head I could run 10 miles every day. I am excited for the 7, though I am running with my SIL and we have never ran together. I think the goal will to be finish it!!!

  3. I had my first mile under 10 a week or two ago, and it was so exciting! Congrats!!! Sounds like you are doing awesome and gettting stronger!

    1. Thank you, now of course all I want is ALL of my miles under ten. Baby steps, right?