Monday, January 30, 2012

Skating, training and sickies..........

Fell off of the blogging wagon AGAIN. As you can see, I would much rather read blogs than post. I have been doing a lot of stalking lately, making blogging quite hard. And I missed the last weigh-in, still zero. I am awesome at maintaining weight! I started a half marathon training program knowing that I want to run another race. At last I found a RaCe and a BUDDY! Yahoo, I am super excited to run a 12k with my sister in law. Did I tell you we are running across the Golden Gate Bridge? Signing up this week to secure our spots. My sister (who wants to run a half)  has a lot going on this spring/summer so we are going to move our half to fall. Dare I finish the year with a FULL MARATHON? How awesome would that be?   Hmm, we shall see, my body probably wouldn't protest so much if I dropped a few L.B.s. It's on the list too. Mostly because if I say when I reach my goal weight one more time I might puke.

 I was home with this today.........
Do you like the sick face? Is it sad that my first thought after taking his temp was 'now I don't have to get dressed today'? At least my second thought was 'poor thing'. So I had to change up the order of my workout. I decided to run on the tm instead of the strength training I was planning. My view.....
Got to love spider-man cartoons. In even more important news, do you notice my tm has a new home? Thank you D.H. for putting inside.
 Did you notice the backwards door? Not sure why it is like that.
I helped, I took pictures and directed him. Though this is not where I planned on it going, this is where he put it.

I really should have cleaned up before the picture. Sorry I have a sick kid, this equals no cleaning.

Since this is an exercise and what not blog, I will leave you with this....
Roller skating is exercise, right? I totally rocked the chicken dance too.  Being the expert stalker that I am I have decided that my blog stinks (the layout and stuff) so I suppose I am going to work on it a little. At some point. And every other blog that I read asks a question (or 5) at the end, here it is. If you read this blog, you have to answer my ?

Okay, can't come up with a good question, I'll have a good one next time.


  1. Replies
    1. Are you asking my how tall I am or giving me a question to ask? :) (PS- I'm almost 5'3)

  2. awww your sick boy is so cute...but I feel for you. roller skating IS exercise. and you are doing fine blogging :)

  3. I just hit send to soon. I was comparing my fat body to yours and wondering how tall you are. I knew I was a little bit taller than you...remember our crazy mothers making us stand back to back at every family function for years. I'm also much heavier than you and that I'm working on:)

  4. The roller skating looks like a blast! Kingman used to have a rink when I was a kid...wish they'd bring it back! :(