Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A very not cool - .2

Do you see the decimal point? That's right point 2 pounds not 2 pounds. I could be a glass half full kind of a girl and be like well at least it isn't a positive. Haha, yeah right. I worked really hard, I was really hoping that it would be a couple (more like few) pounds :(.

I seriously need to pay a little more mind to what I am stuffing my face with. Apparently that is the problem because I exercised ALL week. I even started running on the TM and did push-ups. It is going to take all of my will power to not gorge my self today (mostly I am saving it for tomorrow. My Birthday!). BLT and french fries here I come....

The good news is that I have completed 21k of the 31k that I want to do for my birthday week. Maybe next year I will do actual miles. 14.5 miles so far this week, I don't think I have done more than 5 miles a week for forever. Yay me! 

A few pictures for what I have been eating and WHY I should be skinnier :(

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