Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Training Day 1

I got home from a 2.5 mile hike/walk this morning with nothing better to do so I figured I would start my training. 1st run = 3 miles (I actually went 3.26). After mapping out a route AHEAD of time (see I am learning) I was on my way. Mostly I just went because I was dressed in all of my new duds, wish I had taken a picture. I timed it so when I got back it would be lunchtime (you can eat lunch at 11, right?). Here is how the run went...

First two blocks- I got this, I'm a rockstar.
1/2 mile- How do people run in the cold without fogging up their sunglasses?
1/2-1 mile- Glasses off, face mask on (it was only 20 degrees, hard.to.breathe)
1 mile in- Screw this, I am too awesome to not wear glasses. Mask off, glasses on. (really I couldn't sing with the stupid mask on, who needs to breathe anyways)
The rest of the run went like this.... I am freezing, can't breathe, who put this song on my ipod, and darn hills. REPEAT!
All and all it wasn't too bad of a run. I cannot wait for my tights to get here. I wore two layers and was still a little chilly on the bottom. Everything else rocked! (I wore my ski socks, I guess I should invest in some better running socks) 11:40 mile, WOW I need help on that. So nearly six miles in a day, not too shabby. Maybe I will get a little crazy later and hit the TM for some intervals (the only way I can figure out how to do them)

PS- Lunch was awesome, I have to admit I am a little tired, that is good right? Still wishing you could see my rocking look (I actually matched for once).


  1. NICE workout!!!! and way to get out there. It's hard getting started but soon you'll be flying through the miles

    1. Thanks, I just checked out your blog about me page. I am in love already!