Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A very horrible seven miles........

An accidental 7 miles. I seriously need to either a) map my run ahead of time or b) learn my way around a little more. This was a HORRIBLE run,I  nearly broke down (okay maybe I did have a tiny panic attack (okay two, at mile 2 and 5)). Though it did end with coffee and a chat with two lovely ladies. I was feeling really gross today, something in my diet is making my tummy ache. Probably all of the sodium, hopefully not the yogurt and cheese. Tomorrow is my weigh in day but I felt so yucky that I got on the scale. Big mistake! Gross, might as well run.

Long story short, I went for a run. I did a loop of sort with a lot of back tracking so I was further out than I realized and by the time I headed back took a wrong turn I was at 6.5 miles and in front of the coffee shop. Stopped in and then walked the last .5 mile home. I was cold, sweaty and tired. I thought I was splitting my miles but I pushed the wrong button a time or two and made a mess of the run, next time I will show where I am at.

The plan is to run longer distances at a slower pace for four weeks. I should be able to talk (since I am alone I sing). Because I haven't been running this is about an 11 minute mile. Sad but true. The first few miles were closer to a ten. I think miles 4 was actually an 11 and the rest was closer to a 12. I did walk here and there. Probably about .5 all together (not counting the walk home). We will say that I ran 6 miles and walked 1. I was gone from almost two and a half hours. Luckily I chatted for quite some time.

My thoughts were that I suck! I was so mad at myself. I kept messing with my gps, I over dressed (put my gloves behind a bush :() and I was slow. Oh the life, and all I could think about was how I really want to run a MARATHON! 26.2 miles, at once, like that will ever happen.

The reason I was even running today is because I decided to run 31k on the week of my 31st birthday. Ugh, I really need a life. I forgot till Mar brought my camera, this is how it all started.....

When I went outside I thought my feet were a little too warm. Running in Uggs, not gonna happen. I had to go back and change my shoes. I could go on, but someone has to make dinner. Tomorrow is my weigh and what we have been eating. I know you are VERY excited to come back, yeah right!

Peace out-

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