Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blessed on day 19

* so this doesn't even scratch the surface of what I am feeling right now. I am exhausted and need a glass of wine. Here is the cliff notes version

I was watching AI before I walked (so sore you couldn’t have paid me to run) my mile. Part of the reason I was only able to go a mile is because by the end I was sobbing. They told this story of a family in true poverty, living in the projects and in shelters. All I can think about is how blessed I am that I have never experienced anything remotely close to this. Don’t get me wrong, money doesn’t fall off trees at my house. It’s just all of my wants seems so petty when you know there are people who truly have nothing. We get so caught up in things that we forget how lucky we are. I am so THANKFUL Dustin has an amazing job and that we have an AWESOME support system.  Not sure what I am looking for, but I am sure that I still have a long way to go over the next 346 days……………………….

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