Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One- 1.3

Day one, I am ready. I layer my clothing, get my shoes on, and make sure my MP3 player is charged and ready. I can do this, I am going to start in a blaze of glory and show that even though I have not ran in months I can do this. Ready to leave for the run that is going to change my life, but my dear husband (from now in D.H. dear/damn you can fill it in) is not home from his errands. So I wait with glasses and gloves on. Thinking about how my feet will hit the pavement and it will just be me with my thoughts. Time to myself *sigh*.  But if you are a parent you know this is how it NEVER works out. D.H. gets home, and after a few issues with life I FINALLY get out the door. With Josh and his bike, not what I planned on. So my record breaking run turned into a 1.3 mile walk. At least I got out there, right?
This blog in accountability is suppose to keep me going each day by recording the distance I go and my thoughts. Looking for the answer to, why in the heck am I doing this? Well there are 364 more days to figure it out.

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  1. Hey, I think a 1.3 mile walk is pretty damn good! You go, girl!!!