Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Two- 3.06

Wow, only two days in and it shouldn’t be this hard. On an exercise level many times I have ran two days in a row. Truthfully I didn’t even run yesterday, I walked. The fear and the self doubts shouldn’t come so soon should they? I struggled the whole run worrying about if I will even be able to finish this journey. Really? It shouldn’t even be a thought right now two days in, but there it was the ENTIRE time. I didn’t even enjoy my music, though I kept thinking that my selection really needs to be updated. So much for the alone time that I desperately wanted yesterday. And anyways who in their right mind goes early in the morning when it is 22 degrees out. I could barely breathe it was freezing! I guess after seven years the Wyoming girl has left me. The good news is that I made it 3.06 miles (and yes the .06 counts). Only 363 days to go……..

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