Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day Nine- 1

Just let me start by saying this was not the plan. Apparently I fell asleep on the couch reading and D.H woke me up to go to bed. I jumped up and yelled "Why did you let me fall asleep?" (Of course it was his fault) He just looked at me, then we both looked at my running shoes next to me. He forgot I was planning on going. The good news is that I did a quick mile, but really this is not how I planned on doing it today. Really when am I going to learn, my plans and what happens are never the same. Who knew I would almost miss a run on only the second week in. I am starting to wonder if I am cut out for this. My thoughts on my mile were this: I am so tired, I should just go to bed.......
(but I didn't, yay me)

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