Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20

Had a nice evening stroll with my D.H. We just went a little over a mile at a nice walk. No jogging, running or trying to hurry it up. Sometime (all of the time) I feel like we don’t get enough us time. There is always something else to be done, someone else around or most likely in our house someone sick. Once again I am feeling so very blessed. We talked about the great strides our children have taken since D.H. has come home. And how proud we are with both of them.

Earlier tonight all four of us sat in the living room and read together (each our own book). This wasn’t planned but Joshua was on the couch reading a new book, Marissa joined him when she was finished her homework. She is finishing up another American Girl book, her 4th this week! If you know me at all, you know I would NEVER pass up a chance to read so I grabbed my book and plopped on the floor. D.H.’s new semester just started so he has plenty to read decided to join us. So different from where we were a year ago.

I have to say; when I started this journey only 20 days ago I truly thought this would be more about fitness than anything. Lately the physical aspects have not had the significance I expected. For now I am okay with this, there is something so gratifying about the raw emotions I have been feeling. So tonight I am feeling blessed to have my family together, and wondering where the next 345 days are going to take me………………


  1. those emotions are great to let loose! I am so glad that your journey is providing you with reflective time with your awesome family!

  2. I knew you would eventually blog about your emotions and family life! It's theraputic, huh?!