Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day Eight- 3

     A week in and things are going very different than originally planned. My plan was to take this journey for a little self discovery and “me” time. I thought my mile would be for me and about me. Things always work out different than we pan, don’t they? In the unexpectedness is where we sometimes find the greatest gifts. I figured I would wait and take a run this afternoon when the weather was warm. Early this morning Marissa had her shoes on and started asking when I was going to leave for my mile. I told her that it would be later that day (though I had no intentions of taking her). So she went out to walk the dog. Up and down the street she went for about 30 minutes. Now she is only allowed to go to the mailbox so imagine how many laps that is. She looked so alone, I decided to put my shoes on and join her. My afternoon run turned into a 9 a.m. walk with my daughter.  I am not sure if I have ever enjoyed our mother/daughter time more. Sometimes I don’t think about how my actions affect the rest of my family. Marissa sees this mile a day as a way for our family to be together. Maybe this is what my journey is about.  Luckily I have another 357 days to figure it out….