Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day four- 1

Today is the first day I have had to work since I started this journey. I have decided: SO MUCH EASIER on non-working days. I got home and changed real quick. Here I am all ready to go and I have two sets of sad eyes looking at me. So out I go with two kids, a dog, and a bike. Josh is riding and Marissa is holding the dog’s leash. Great in theory… Every time we had to cross the street Josh had to get off of his bike then once across start again. Which takes the kid some time. Then Marissa who is being drug by Tucker is out of breath because this is her “first mile” and she was trying to keep up with the bike, not me. Needless to say there was a lot of starting and stopping on our mile.  I ended with two pairs of gloves and a headband in my pockets, good times right? Good news is I got my mile in, though it wasn’t much of a workout. I know the point is at least a mile a day and I am thankful I got that. Looks like I will be hitting the elliptical tonight.
Wow do I have amazing friends. I already have friends checking in on me to make sure I get my mile in. This is going to be such a great year, I can’t wait. Only 361 more days to go……..


  1. *** I did 35 minutes of the elliptical

  2. You're such a great mom! You took those kiddos with you, even though I'm sure you would've gone farther/faster without them. You rock!